No Fuss Toothbrush

An ecommerce electric toothbrush yearly subscription service similar to Dollar Shave Club

No Fuss Toothbrush eCommerce Service

This is another one of my personal projects that I started with my best friend and business partner at the time. Our goal was simple: we wanted to create a source of passive income while experimenting in the world of eCommerce.

We brainstormed dozens of lower cost (we bootstrapped) product ideas where there are obvious pain points. From hockey stick tape to feminine hygiene to printer ink cartridges – our ideas ran the gamut.

We eventually identified an opportunity with electric toothbrush heads when one day I went to the store and purchased 3 Phillips heads for $36. Light went off, did a bit of research and found there is a HUGE markup on these small pieces of plastic. So we went for it…

Skills Used:

  • eCommerce
  • Stripe
  • JavaScript & jQuery
  • Google Analytics & Experiements
  • Branding
  • Content Writing


Self and Co-Founder


May 2014


No Fuss Toothbrush logo
Homescreen with a clear call to action
Homescreen with a clear call to action

From MVP to Production

Before fully committing to the idea, we first tested it with the public. I built an MVP single page site to collect emails and gauge interest in the idea.

After validating the idea, we purchased inventory through Alibaba, I updated the UI, improved the content, and built the payment functionality using Stripe’s API. My partner and I then mainly used PPC ads as our main source of traffic.

This was a fun project for a couple years until we ultimately shut it down to pursue other goals. Here’s what I learned:

  • How to quickly validate a product before putting in too many resources
  • Customer acquisition
  • A/B testing
  • eCommerce

Chess, anyone?

Humor was a big part of our branding

We constantly ran experiments on how to connect with visitors
We constantly ran experiments on how to connect with visitors

Mobile friendly

Easy engagement on any device

No Fuss Toothbrush Form
Custom Mobile Friendly form using Stripe's API
No Fuss Toothbrush form
Easy checkout process with humor sprinkled in